About Us

Ridgeway Florist has been an integral part of the Waterdown community since 1960 when it was established by the Ridgeway family. In 1988, Ridgeway Florist passed into the hands of Klaus and Melitta Mester who in 1996, opened a 2000 square foot store at the corner of Parkside Drive and Main Street. This modern, spacious store, with its vaulted ceiling, country charm and attention to detail, is well situated to meet the demands of a rapidly growing community.

In June 2012, Virginia Barrett assumed ownership of Ridgeway Florist. Virginia comes to the floral industry with a lifetime of creative expression, artistic flare and a great enthusiasm to continue Ridgeway’s rich history of exceptional floral design. The staff of Ridgeway Florist is a team of skilled professionals with many years’ experience designing arrangements for any and all occasions. Their commitment to delivering an exceptional customer experience is equal to the quality of their designs.